Video Luna Maya dengan Ariel

Gossip Video Luna Maya dan Ariel

Kabar kurang sedap menimpa artis cantik Luna Maya, gara-gara gossip video mesum Luna Maya yang beredar di Internet.
Ariel Dan Luna Maya

The video lasted long enough, that is 6:49 minutes. Video shows men and women who are doing an intimate scene. In these videos clearly depicted the face of a woman who looked like Luna Maya. These women were white and had dark circles around his eyes.

    The scene is in bed with a white mattress. In the video, the couple painted like Ariel and Luna was inside a room.

    In the video, slender woman who had a special character. He has a tattoo on her left hip and was wearing a white bracelet on his right arm. Tattoos are visible in the beginning to the end of the video was played.

    Is the person in the video were true Luna and Ariel unclear. Maybe just two celebrity couples that become victims of fraudulent people in cyberspace. Until now the Ariel and Luna could not reached for confirmation. Source:

kabar tersebut mungkin bisa benar atau tidak tinggal tunggu kelanjutannya besok bagaimana.

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    wow...sangat menghebohkan, beneran nggak bos ehehehe jadi pengen liat nich..

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    kayaknya tetek luna maya kcil dech tapi dsna kok lmayan gede ya...
    waktu gw main ma dy dulu ngak sgede ntu bgt dech