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Video Miring Luna Maya dan Ariel Beredar di Internet

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Overwrite the dreadful news and Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya.
Luna Maya is also the boyfriend of Ariel Peterpan created a scene with a circulation of 3gp videos like himself. Video mesum between Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya and is currently circulating widely in networking site facebook. Maybe not the first time this networking site made news around the world celebrity scene Indonesia.

Many sources mention that the 3gp videos Ariel Peterpan  and Luna Maya there are two versions, one of which is a duration of 18 minutes of video. Many parties are already watching 3gp videos are confident that existing in the video was none other than Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan. But until recently, there has been no official statement from Luna Maya or any party Ariel Peterpan.

The video contains about two people who were doing a mesum scene in a hotel room. Faces of the two 'actors' in the video is indeed very similar to Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan. We await further news about the news just excited about the 3gp videos from Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya and this.

I hope this becomes a lesson for the youth today because today's promiscuity is rife.

Download video Luna Maya Dengan Aril Peterpan 

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  1. mari kita hentikan penyebarannya.. kasihan mereka

  2. Aris said...

  3. Aris said...

    napa ya bisa gatu tuhhhhhhhh orank yg jail banget

  4. Anonymous said...

    kalau begini siapa yang menanam ia yang menuai hasilnya.... turut berduka buat mereka semua...