Adrie and Nia Sacred Ring

Bahsul Masail Boarding Schools Consultative Forum (FMPP) from Java and Madura, Which was held at the Pondok Pesantren Lirboyo, Kediri, East Java, provides a guide to Decide That the actual problems occurred in the community. One of Them, the forum decided bahsul masail Unlawful wearing wedding ring made from a mixture of human blood.
Forum Bahtsul Masa'il FMPP Lirboyo Boarding Schools are re-Issued Unlawful its decision, after it was shocked by the statement of other illicit fatwa. According to a source WHO AIMS obtained it for the community to Know That Should not it be and Awakens Those Who Are already using it.

"To realize mawadah warahmah sakinah Families do not have to make a ring of blood, no blood Should be put on the Ring of Them but Could do with attitude and character housekeep and most importantly, If they want to live the life of the household in accordance with Islamic Shari'a obtain happiness and they want will from family Becomes sakinah mawadah warahmah "Musthofa said Said Ali, a spokesman for the Commission B Bahsul Masail FMPP, Told Reporters on Thursday (03/06/2010) evening.

Ali Musthofa Explained, the discussion about the ring of the blood refers to the most Luxurious wedding ring case this year Anindra Ardiansyah Between Bakrie, Bakrie Nia Ramadhani aka Ardie players and soap operas That lasted 1 April last. with a dowry in the form of a Ring That Is Made from blood

The ring is ordered from Bangkok Thailand. They made a ring out of money That is billions of rupiah spent only for the ring. That Could be much money made to sympathize Orphans, needy and so on Which charity would benefit from more positive Things That Will never break.
On the sidelines of the implementation of Pondok Pesantren bahsul Lirboyo masail caregivers, KH Athoillah Solahuddin, Revealed That the use of the Ring That Is regarded as lawful if the material is made from the sperm. This was conveyed

"Sperm is actually a kosher than the blood That was clearly odious, Because semen contains Halal" continued KH Solahuddin Athoillah

Therefore, it is not appropriate if Ardie Bakrie Nia Ramadhani and wearing the ring as on their marriage bond.
Also Solahuddin Athoillah KH Explained That The Blood is a substance That is impure and cancel the physical sanctity of a Muslim, and Ensure all activities of worship, including prayer, Which made the couple's second illegitimate for wearing the ring. But on their marital status is valid only dowry issue Remains

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