Video Luna Maya dan Ariel Klaim Video Direkayasa

 Luna dan Ariel Klaim Video Direkayasa

Luna Ariel

Luna Maya and Ariel claimed that the video scenes played by people like Luna and Ariel, a video engineer. This was confirmed by the management of both artists, as imitated with Unilever Indonesia (UI).

"We've heard an explanation from management Luna and Ariel. They claimed that it was engineered," said Maria Dewantini Dwianto, Head of Corporate Communications, Unilever Indonesia, as quoted by Indo Pos, Sunday (6 / 6). Luna Maya to become the ambassador of a beauty soap products Unilever products.

Is mesum video scandal played a role similar to both the beauty soap ad, impacting negatively on the image of the advertised product? These questions can be answered yet Unilever Indonesia.

But in the near future, continued Mary, it plans to meet directly with Luna Maya. "We want more details," said Maria.

After the speakers, according to Mary, then it will determine next steps. "In the near future is, so not a protracted" he said.

Indo Post said, Luna is one of the famous ambassador of the beauty soap products since 2006. A contract actress
Bali is updated every year. "Currently the contract is still ongoing," said Maria.

While Ariel himself has signed a contract with Unilever Indonesia until the end of 2010.[indo post].

Video Luna Maya , Juni 2010

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