7 Hour Fight Against Crocodile

Jamaluddin (52), Hamlet residents Tumuku, Bamboo Village, District Mamuju, Mamuju regency, West Sulawesi (Sulbar), Sunday, managed to capture the crocodile weighing about four quintals.
Crocodiles along the 3-meter and 50 centimeters wide around the body was successfully defused after being trapped in local fish ponds. According to Jamaluddin, originally he and his three nephews want to harvest the fish in the pond.
However, he was surprised, because in the fish pond area there was a crocodile's ferocious finish off the fish ponds that are ready in opposition.
"This crocodile had attacked us on the way to the edge of the pond, but we stay calm trying to subdue the ferocious crocodiles," he explained.
He said that the arrest process was spelled out long crocodile that begins at 9:00 pm until around 16:00 pm with only assisted by three nephews.
"The process of catching crocodiles take as long as seven hours after the rope trap that is directed into the body of a crocodile had entered the trap," he said.
He said the crocodile was actually often entering the ponds, but only this time successfully defused. It was accompanied by incantations to tame it.
"This vicious crocodile fish often prey on us, so we often have failed cent, reaching millions," he said.
Jamaluddin said that, for a while, crocodile will be at home before the evacuation to submit to village officials or local government.
This crocodile surrender locals also had horrendous, even becoming a free spectacle pleh local residents and some residents who come from cities Mamuju, thus, avoid congestion flows Trans-Sulawesi existing roads in the area.
Crocodiles malignant which has a length of more than three yards behind the house is moored at the mouth of a crocodile Udin with conditions that have been bound with black plastic strap.

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