Polisi Akan Memeriksa Ariel, Luna Maya dan Cut Tari

Head of Criminal Investigation and the Inspector General of Police suspected if Ito Sumardi circulating a video nasty in this week related to Nazriel Irham aka Ariel, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari. So the investigators call it the third artist to be asked for clarity of description which has been the big question most people.

"It is suspected that what happened was probably associated with people who will we mintra description," Ito said in Jakarta on Thursday

Yesterday, investigators sent a letter summoning Ariel, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari. From a letter calling it, the third attorney had asked for time artist. Therefore Ito admitted not knowing when the examination was conducted.

When reporters asked if there was engineering in the video, Ito replied, "No." But he did not specify what the evidence shows there is no element of engineering in the video.

Regarding criminal threats, Ito could declare the three bears Pornography Act. But that threat could be imposed if they are proven to make a video that intentionally to be distributed to the public.

Therefore in the process of inquiry and investigation, the investigator will ask if the tape was given to the person or may have been stolen. "If there was no intention then we just say he did not deliberately."

But Ito doubting the existence of the three artist's intention to make a video that will be disseminated to the public. "If there is intention seems not. Period of people want to embarrass myself, "he said.

Earlier this week, two video nasty that people who allegedly played by Luna Maya and Ariel-Ariel-Cut Tari spread in the community. Responding to the spread of the video, Luna Maya and Cut Tari denied himself as a man who was in the video. Meanwhile, Ariel's presence is still mysterious.

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