Penyebar Video Mesum Ariel Cut Tari Luna Maya Sudah Diketahui

Video Mesum perpetrator eventually spread like Ariel, Luna and Cut detected. The news video was posted from overseas. However, according to parties who already know the identity Menkominfo beginning of the spreaders, denied this. Ariel similar porn videos posted from Indonesia.

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Currently the Ministry of Communications and Informatics has picked up an IP Address Video Mesum perpetrators spreading like Ariel, Luna and CutTari. Ministry of Communications and Informatics already know the IP Address spreaders video nasty like Ariel and Ariel-Luna-Dance.

Porn videos like Ariel and Luna began to scandalize the virtual world on Thursday (03/06/2010). While video like Ariel and Cut Tari spread Monday (07/06/2010).

Cut Tari has been clarified regarding the video. He denied the woman in the video that is himself. Like Dance, Luna was also denied. He was vilified by those porn videos. Meanwhile, Ariel, is still silent.
Finally've identified the culprit and may quickly investigated and arrested.

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  1. yulina said...

    maux ai d'pake ma aril.....,gak lama ad yg kena HIV aid tuch