Minerva Meluncurkan Fischer MRX 650

Minerva Luncurkan Fischer MRX 650 Besok

Minerva made a buzz in Jakarta, the Jakarta Fair event (PRJ), Which Will Be opened tonight. PT Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) in collaboration with one of American motorcycle brands, Fischer will of MRX650 Introduce new products. The launch of locally assembled motor Yuang aka compeletly knocked down (CKD) in Jonggol, West Java Held Tomorrow 06/11/2010

Fischer MRX 650 is the brand of the United States (U.S.), the WHO pointed MMI as an assembler and marketer of in Indonesia. Motor sports genre is using the V-Twin engine powered Owned and Hyosung 650 cc 80 PS at 9550 rpm.

"We will from invite Officials from the U.S. to come in Fischer's launch event at PRJ later," said Kristianto Goenadi, president of MMI, recently.

Reportedly, the price of one unit will from be suppressed below Rp 130 million and effectively marketed in September. PRJ will of be the right time to market products occupy the highest caste That Minerva ini.Selain fischer products, MMI Also plans to bring two new products namely skutik GTR 170 is the complement of the previous product and Pepe GTR 150 equipped retro design. a very good event deserves to be held. [sasak.net]

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