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Digital forensics experts say, there is software or software that can authenticate a person's face caught on video. The technology is known as facial recognition software (face recognition software).
"This technology is usually mengkomparasi two faces of the two different media, photos and video. Picture the face on the photo in-crop, taken the corner of his face, then dikomparasikan with a face caught on video," said Ruby. He said that this technology is a kind commonly used. Related cropping techniques on the face shape of a video file, Ruby also said, this is possible. However, the degree of difficulty is much higher than on the photo cropping techniques.
Meanwhile, related to the circulation of hot video of an actor's face like a celebrity female and Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya, Ruby, told City News, said it was authentic and not engineering. Viewed from the corners of the picture, he said, it looks like no one else in the room.
"The video was recorded by the cast themselves. The meaning of the original is in the video image quality is not the result of edits or engineering," said Ruby.
Ruby also said a video recording menggambarkana amateur sex scenes that do not use professional cameras or handheld video camera. "The picture is made using a mobile phone recording media because of the small picture resolution, although I have not seen what kind of cell phone," he said.
Meanwhile, separately, Luna Maya and Ariel aka Nazriel Irham video nasty dispute that circulated on the internet for their actions. Recognition was expressed Corporate Secretary PT Unilever Sancoyo Antarikso as Lux beauty soap producers who sign them as a couple versions of the latest commercials.
Clarification as an answer after the circulation of the video in question by PT Unilever. Sancoyo Antarikso say, both Luna and Ariel has acknowledged that the video was a stir in cyberspace engineering.
"We received a written statement from the Luna Maya and Ariel that the video was engineered," said Sancoyo in short messages (SMS) received by the media, in Jakarta, Sunday.
Sancoyo continue, it also has scheduled to meet directly with the couple to listen to their explanations in the near future. In a conversation later, it would determine the fate of Ariel Luna and associated works contract with Lux.
"We will meet with Luna in the near future to listen to explanations directly and together determine the steps to the front," the lid.[kompas]

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