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Rossi Foot Surgery Live Over 2.5 Hours

Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi of Italy ditandu post-accident (AP Photo / Antonio Calanni)

Senior rider Valentino Rossi had to perform surgery to restore his right leg injury after a severe accident at the Mugello Circuit, Saturday, June 5, 2010. Operations performed in a hospital in Florence for 2.5 hours.

Operated on by Dr. Rossi. Assisted by Dr. Roberto Buzzi. Claudio Costa. They also conduct initial inspection when Rossi had just arrived by helicopter at the Careggi Hospital. Both estimates that if Rossi will be out of hospital within 10 days.

"(After the initial examination) we proceed with the surgery to see the cracks in his right foot," he said as quoted CrashNet Dr.Buzzi.

"We did a spinal block and then clean and wash the cracks. The later we were straight and stabilize with a pin," she said.

Rossi crashed on the bend 13 during a session the Italian GP Free Practice II. Without apparent reason, the world champion in 2009 was flying from his motorcycle and was thrown out of trajectory.

When lying on the sand, Rossi looks at the pain he could not even stand up. Officers around the incident immediately to help the man nicknamed The Doctor's.

Despite undergoing surgery for 2.5 hours can not be ascertained how long can back up Rossi's trajectory.

"It is difficult to predict how long the rehabilitation of patients after surgery. We need to evaluate the progress of the patient and the results of X-ray examination," said Dr.Buzzi again.

I hope Rossi can quickly recover and fight back in Moto GP competitions.

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