Furniture fit for animals & Transformable Furniture

If you're looking, you can certainly find furniture that is meant for humans and can accommodate pets. We do wish there was more of that, but there are certain choices in upholstery that work well when you have dogs or cats. Then you have tables like this one from Den Haus that can be shared with animals.
I do agree that when you look for furniture meant for pets alone, not all of it is aesthetically pleasing. If aesthetics do matter, you may be better off building or repurposing your pet furniture yourself. Take a look at this slide show from New York Times for some ideas.

Transformable Furniture

If furniture can be interactive , why can't it be transformable as well?

Well, a lot of furniture is transformable to some degree. For instance, changeable panels on children's furniture let you transform the way it looks. And then of course you have sleeper sofas that let you transform the function.

But designer Michael Jantzen has gone a bit further with his Transformation Table and Chair. Go take a look at how you can change the look or function of a piece simply by turning knobs. When you get to his page, click on Things and follow the link for Transform Furniture.

Different fabrics in solid color or print are connected together on rolls that go through the frames from one end to the other to transform each piece. The consumer can modify the table and chair easily for a fresh look. The designer feels that this is a sustainable option can help the earth by using fewer resources.

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