Video Mesum Ariel Cut Tari Ada di Cianjur

Kehebohan Video mirip Ariel dan Luna Maya belum selesai kasusnya.. kini datang lagi berita heboh Video mesum Ariel dan CutTari.

Circulation of a video nasty with actors and artists like Ariel CutTari had reached Cianjur, West Java. Currently the video duration 8:45 minutes hunted Cianjur community. Movie scenes taken with cell phone cameras in hotel rooms.

Executors of women like wearing a sleeveless CutTari green color, combined black bra. While men like Ariel, seen not wearing any clothes. "I get the videos in one Internet cafe in Cianjur. At first I could not believe that it was Ariel and CutTari because the picture upside down," said Candil (32) citizens of the City Cianjur, West Java, Tuesday (8 / 6).

Less comfortable when watching a video with the normal position. After the computer monitor behind the vertical position, both partners face clearly visible and very much like Ariel and CutTari.

Cianjur resident originally had hot videos hunting Ariel and Luna Maya. Videos Ariel-Luna had updated on the social networking Facebook and Twitter. Few residents do not even dare to pay hundreds of thousands of rupiah for some versions of the two couples hot scenes that artist. "If the same Luna Maya, I've got 23 copies ranging from two minutes to the duration of 15 minutes duration. But if the same CutTari hear a new house," said Yudi, carers cafe in Jalan Siliwangi, Cianjur.[liputan 6]

Semakin menjadi-jadi saja nih kasus....

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  1. Ariel-Luna-Tari said...

    Mari kita hentikan penyebaran video mesum :)