video 3gp Ariel Cut Tari Menyebar

Waduh Gawat nih.. Apa kata dunia.. semakin tidak terkendali.. Video 3gp Ariel Cut Tari kabarnya sudah kemana-mana seperti kasus video ariel cuttari sampai keanak sekolahan.

Not over with excitement the news videos like Ariel and Luna Maya, was again the entertainment universe commotion going well with the circulation of a video nasty, who again looked like Ariel, formerly lead singer with the popular band Peterpan.

Videos this time, of course, is not less horrendous because of the woman who jumped into her hot again similar to the celebrity in this country. Yes, similar to the famous presenter in one of the private television, CutTari.

Circulation of a video nasty like Ariel and CutTari originated from YouTube, a duration of 8 minutes 46 seconds with hot scenes show just like married couples.

In the recording, a man like Ariel looks much more aggressive than when performing hot scenes with women like Luna. In this second video, much like CutTari women were even more passive, less aggressive than women like Luna.

When his activity, recorded the woman was in bed with the prone position and was still wearing clothes. While the man tried to save camera phone at an appropriate position to record the activity of both.

Until the duration of 6 minutes 11 seconds, the camera which was positioned vertically to change along with the man who took his cell phone camera to record poses further.

semoga tidak berlarut-larut.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    jd pengen blAJAR ilmu pelet ma ariel....
    ciapa tau jg gw bisa ML bareng artis2 cantik kayak ariel,,,,