Gara2 Video Ariel-Cut Tari Warnet Membludak

Video  'Ariel-Cut Tari' Bikin Warnet Membludak


Sejumlah warnet di beberapa daerah sangat ramai dikarenakan adanya pemberitaan video mesum Ariel Cuttari. Contohnya di salah satu warnet di Pamekasan ini.

In a number of internet cafes, Video Hot lasted about 18 minutes, became a major concern. User virtual world that would prefer to download and play and see the exciting scene of two famous artists.

As seen in one Trunojoyo Prince Street cafe. Starting a student to adult, the average cybercafe users choose to see intimate scenes and Cut Tari Ariel .

"We want to see the truth that hot video. After I saw there was a possibility, is played by two artists," said Irwan (25th), Wednesday (9 / 6).

He admitted that he was intrigued by the number of media that focuses on the circulation of  mesum videos and Cut Ariel Cut Tari. "I'm satisfied and do not wonder anymore with this hot video. Because I've seen the original," he said.

Thanksgiving (20th), visitors to another cafe on the Road District also expressed the same thing. According to him, although he was not sure whether the hot video involving two top artists actually played by them, however, 99 percent, if the view of the face that was presented was very similar.

"But I do not want to justify Mas. The point I was pleased to see this video," he said.

Meanwhile, guards cafe in Jalan Trunojoyo who do not want to be named admitted that the circulation of hot videos involving artists such as Luna and Cut Tari impact on the revenue-per-day cafe.

"Yes there is increasing 50 percent from the previous days," he concluded. [ berita jatim]

Enakan yang punya warnet tuh.. jadi ramai.. xixixix...

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