Dampak Buat Putri Ariel

Impact Into Beloved Princess Ariel namely that Alea Last week two such videos like Ariel and Luna Maya is circulating on the Internet. Video problems have not Done with Luna Maya suddenly appeared again like a video like Ariel with Cut Tari. According to sources this is done by the same person

        As parents, Sarah still come first admitted keeping Alea, Because he sure as Alea would have been great and critical question. "So, as much as possible I keep him" from Things like that, "he said.

        Personally, She admitted to not question the porn videos Because She already has a new household.

        "I have been separated with her father Alea, but this is a burden Alea. I no longer think the way to how it was not Until my child to know if that's true," he Explained.

Alea Good Hope - only better. That's what is expected of all parties because he did not know anything - anything. Let us give support together - together make Alea Keep Spirit and Smile

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  1. Anonymous said...

    happy birth day mpu^^. . . maap bza ngucapinnya dsini,
    moga tambah sing apek2 io,tambah dewasa n tcpai smwa inginmu. amiiiinnn
    thks bgd ya mpu bantwan2e,maap ma kjadian2 yg kmrin. ujian ke jepang berikutnya ruz lulus,ok!!!!!
    keep spirit n smile sobt