Why You Should Inspect Old Furniture Before Selling

According to an AP report out of Richland, Washington, a worker at ET Estate Sales and Liquidation found bundles of cash in the back of an armoire. How much cash, you ask? About $20,000. There must have been bundles and bundles of cash in that armoire.

Fortunately, the worker notified his employers, who then traced the furniture back to an estate sale. Turns out the money belongs to a 78 year old widow who is now a resident of an assisted-living home. Her husband died a few months ago and had put the money in the armoire because he didn't trust banks. The story could have ended very differently and in that case we may never have heard about any of this. It also makes me wonder if the husband had hidden more money in other pieces of furniture.

This brings up how important it is to inspect any furniture you are planning to sell, auction, or give away. You may not have stashed away any cash, but sometimes papers, pieces of jewelry or old photographs end up in all kinds of unlikely places.

source: aboutfurniture

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