Sebagai Pahlawan Susno Harus Konsisten

JAKARTA, - Chairman of the Regional Representatives Council Irman Gusman asked former Kabreskrim Komjen Susno Duadji to always be consistent against the mafia attempts to disassemble the case in the Police body. Irman rate Susno figure as a fighter.

"I asked Mr. Susno to remain consistent. What he faced was a risk of a hero," said Irman when found at Nusantara III of the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/11/2010).

According Irman, detention Susno now is the beginning of a struggle. "This is the beginning of the struggle Susno, he probably already knew the risk. But Mr. Susno must remain consistent," he said.

Irman continue to give our appreciation to Susno. Whatever Susno facing now, he says, was an early entrance to do the cleaning in police institutions.

"It's like a Mr. Susno often say that there is no concern in him.'s Life he was willing to give," he said.

Legal process served Susno now should always be transparent to the public. "The public will judge, it's already become public domain, so that this issue should be resolved in a transparent manner," imbaunya.

Earlier, at 18:20 pm, the official Duadji Susno leaving Police Headquarters and transferred to custody of Palm Two Brimob Mako, Depok. (Adi Suhendi)
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