Perempuan Lebih Sering Terkena Insomnia - There are many factors that cause insomnia or trouble sleeping. In addition to psychological factors, such as stress or depression, insomnia is also associated with the influence of estrogen and progesterone hormones. That's why women more frequently experience sleep disturbances compared with men.

There are women who experienced insomnia before menstruation, some complained it difficult to sleep at the age of menopause. According to the explanation Dr.dr.Nurmiati Amir, Sp.KJ (K) from the RSCM Jakarta, nearing menopause estrogen production begins to decline. This is made most women more often awakened at night because the feeling heart palpitations or complaints arising burning sensation in the chest (heartburn).

In pregnancy also occurs hormonal changes that can disrupt sleep. As well as the enlarged uterus and bladder urgently so that pregnant women often wake up at night to urinate.

In women, in addition to hormonal factors, sleep disturbances are also often occurs due to psychological stress. Call it a problem with a partner, employment issues, child affairs, broken love, until financial problems. Statistically, women are more often experienced this, perhaps because women are more sensitive.

According dr.Nurmiati, declining cognitive function in menopausal women who experience insomnia insomnia worse than in men. That is why insomnia must be addressed.

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