Sammy bungkam ditanya soal Tari

JAKARTA - Sammy would not answer reporters' questions about the woman who sat beside her mother. Though her mother had already given the green light when a woman named Dance-in-law that meets the criteria of candidates.

"I Can not speaking. But all the girls who were here all my support, "says Sammy is found after trial at the Central Jakarta District Court, Tuesday (05/11/2010).

Among all the women present, who is the most special day for Sammy. "Yes, that is. This one, my mother, "he said, hugging his mother, Ida Tiur Simanjuntak.

Sammy says there is a change that is felt within himself. "Maybe I love my family more," he said.

Sustainable sat next to Sammy's mother. Although not recognized as women's special, but Tiur claimed he was like a brother to Sammy.

Even Tiur justify when viewed from the prospective in-law criteria, Dance is the right woman. In addition both the Batak people, this woman also had long known Sammy.

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