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Jakarta - the decline Current
in the Indonesian Bank (BI) rate that has been in the level indeed was not yet significant. However, BI was still continuing to carry out an action in order to looks for the solution. "If the normal mechanism did not go, yes we looked for the other road," said the Senior Deputy Bank Indonesia Darmin Nasution Governor, after the Ceremony of Kemerdekaan Republic Of Indonesia the 64, in the BI Building Bank street MH tHamrin Jakarta. Darmin said, BI indeed had an authority, but not necessarily was used although BI might carry him out. His side will continue to look for the solution to the other alternative (out of the box). "We will call all the bankers, we will also co-operate with the minister for finance and the" State" Minister for State Enterprises"," said Darmin. When reading out the reviewing officer's message, Darmin firmly also said, that we must look for the other solution, the BI fact rate descended evidently only a little influenced that finally had enabled BI to look for some alternatif. (rhs)

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    Let us support the bank Indonesia to remain strong in maintaining our nation's economy