The Fastest Piece of Furniture

Guinness World Record for the Fastest Piece of Furniture

he Guinness world record for the fastest piece of furniture is now quite possibly held by a dining table.

If Guinness certifies it, the dining table will break the world record currently held by a sofa. That record was set in 2007 when the sofa was driven at 92 mph. Did you even know there was a Guinness world record for the fastest piece of furniture?

Perry Watkins of England spent about a year designing this table/vehicle which he appropriately calls "Fast Food" and drove it at an average speed of around 113.8 mph. The Telegraph reported him saying that it felt more like 200 m.p.h. Powered by a 1994 Reliant Scimitar Sabre and a nitrous oxide kit, the dining table is not the only unusual vehicle designed by Mr. Watkins. who holds of the record for the world's lowest car, and also quite possibly the smallest car ever built.

In case you are wondering, it was a Queen Anne style table, complete with lace tablecloth and a silver service.

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