Richest People List

Bill Gates

Bill Gates was listed as a student at Harvard University in 1973. Two years later he surrendered to the campus routine, decided to drop out of college, and founded the "Microsoft" with his childhood friend, Paull Allen.

Bill Became The Most Successful WHO names of people failed to complete his studies at the Same Time be the recipient of honorary Doctorates from Harvard, 30 years passed after taking bold decisions That Came out of college so he is now and into the ranks of the Richest people in the world with the company "Microsoft"

Steve Jobs

Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, or iPod. It Will not be possible if Steve's complete college. Steve is forced out of school at Ridge University Because of Financial Difficulties. Now Steve has set up the Apple company, Next Computer, and Pixar. Also, and now he Became a list of the Richest man in the world. 

James Cameron

Through the movie Titanic and James Cameron's Avatar to be a Successful person and changed from a famous director, WHO is unique is That he gets his science not from college. He was briefly in Fullerton University student majoring in psychology, but he decided to come out, is married to a waitress, and Became a truck driver.

Now this truck driver is a Hollywood director of the WHO creates films of high-cost, high-quality, repeatedly awarded an Oscar. and Known by the world as the world's Richest people list


Tom Hanks

These veteran actors chose to concentrate with training in acting at the festival, "Great Lakes Theater" in Cleveland. He was forced to study leave and the decision has proved correct. and now have success and changed from the World's Richest People list 

Mark Zuckerberg
Social Networking Is Known owner ie Facebook. Starting doing this from Mark's dorm room to make social media network for internal campus at Harvard. So the networking Facebook, Until recently exploded in popularity. Finally he decided to get out of college and work on Facebook by setting up company in Palo Alto.

Lady Gaga

This beautiful woman Because the WHO does not know She was already in a unique world Known That Is Lady Gaga Had once been a student at a school for the oldest woman in Manhattan. He only lasted one year and kicked off with the spirit, creating intelligent techno songs. It is very evident proof lyrics Until now Stefani Angelina Joanne Germanotta found not fit to be a Schoolgirl.

Tiger Woods
If you graduated from Stanford University, he changed from an economist Should reliable. But after two years of college, he decided a career as a professional golfer. his title was the golfer WHO Golfer Ranked first in the world Now he proved to be the "economist" Success by doing his hobby and paid more than 100 million dollars year

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