Arsenal Fabregas ready to Remove

Arsenal Fabregas ready to Remove


Arsenal ready to sell Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona, Barca are willing to pay the original £ 50 million or around Rp 676 billion. In fact, according to a source in The Sun at Camp Nou, Barcelona just want to pay 35 million pounds, or around Rp 473 billion.

British media called the Arsenal want to keep Fabregas and will not serve any negotiations with the club. However, because Fabregas is so desperate to move, Arsenal were forced to think in order to avoid bigger losses, by fixing a high price.

The Sun's source said, Barcelona saw efforts to maintain Fabregas Arsenal have started to waver. Barcelona also referred to deliberately make a long negotiation into Arsenal in order to sell more and more depressed and Fabregas according Barcelona bidding.

"That was news to the desired decision-makers in Barcelona. They now see the possibility of Arsenal was broken and more convinced to get (Fabregas). They hope to reach agreement on the price range of 35 million pounds," said the source.

In addition, The Sun also preaching, preparing for the departure of Arsenal's Fabregas to shoot Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole. They claim, Cole has already met the coach of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, discussing the possibility of such transfers.

Apart from Arsenal, Manchester United are also interested to Cole. However, Cole is likely to move to Arsenal, because if Fabregas is so moved, and the English media strongly suspected it was inevitable, Cole will get a big role there.[kompas Bola]

As an Arsenal fan I am not willing, if Fabregas released sad ......

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