I have two dogs. One is the type of Rottweiler. His name is Brandon. Before any further to know my dog, let us know the history of the Rottweiler.
         Rottweiler dog of the type often used as working dogs. For example, to herd sheep, as a messenger in times of war, helping police work, also to keep the house.
        At first, the dog is known in East Germany around 1900 years ago. If standing, the height of about 55 to 70 cm were measured up to his shoulders. And weighs about 34 to 41 kg. Rotweiler have short hair, attached to the skin, thick texture and color is black. Often has a dark brown color and shadow light brown around the cheeks, chest, legs and around the eyes.
        The tail is located close to the body. Often, the tail was cut off when the Rottweiler was little, so into adulthood, her tail will not grow again.
Rottweiler named, according to one medieval pusatkota farms in Germany, named Rottweil, Rottweilers are used as farm animals, and bodyguards shipments.
         While herding cattle using dogs was banned in Germany around the 20th century, the Rottweiler dog is used as sender of the message, and then evolved into a police dog. Ability as a police dog, avoid Rottweiler from extinction. Today, descendants of the Rottweiler is often used to help police work and also raised as a pet dog.
Brandon, Rottweilerku dog, 10 months old today. First time taken, age 3 months. Current weight is 38 kg. Fur on his body almost entirely black, shiny look. Feathers around her feet pale brown. The tail is short, because it has cut since taken. Her face seemed fierce. And most make me love, voice very authoritative voice. His voice was heavy and hard. Anyone hear strangers who will be afraid.
         On most days, Brandon placed in a cage with an area sufficient for him to walk, but not enough for him to lope. My parents took her to walk only on a holiday, because the other day, my parents worked. Perhaps because of less activity, every time Brandon removed from the cage, he will be very happy. Demonstrated his joy by leaping to the person who withdrew him from the cage, with its mouth open showing his teeth are sharp and large.
Often, my mother being bitten, scratched or dad. But both remain fond of the Brandon parents. I also sometimes try to pull his leash. But strength is not strong enough to hold him. Let even so, I also still love my dog, Brandon.

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