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Perhaps for those of you who have considered selling the furniture business, things will be revealed below, are not suitable even contradictory. However, there will always be an efficient way to become more 'green' around you. No matter how small we are doing can make a big change and impact health and of course global warming.
Various issues concerning the current global warming has become the attention of many parties and from all aspects of life. For those of us involved in the modern world of antique furniture or furniture whether it is wood, iron, rattan or other materials turned out pretty much can be done to support the campaign.

Within the scope of modern minimalist interior design and furniture, anything that can be done to make the furniture to be more 'green'?

Here are tips from the WOODS.

1. Local Furniture
Thousands of miles for imported wood furniture to reach the site we just need to make the consumption of transportation costs and fuel consumption (which produces CO2) becomes large. Unlike when we buy local products with near distance transportation.

2. Furniture of wood 'former'
Recently many people looking for old buildings made of teak wood to be reprocessed into minimalist furniture. There are some economic reasons that follow these steps, but there is also the benefit that means they help to reduce the volume of teak tree cutting. This step can also be done for other types of wood. Basically, if there is wood out there that are lying unused, why do we have to cut down again to make modern furniture?

3. Used Furniture
With the purchase of furniture and minimalist interior former means the need for tree felling was also reduced or at least can be used for other things.

4. Wood from forest / garden, which is controlled continuance.
As a main material for producing furniture, wood from trees in the forest has a great share to reduce the heat to the earth because of CO2. Therefore, we recommend buying furniture / wood or rattan furniture that comes from well managed forests such as teak furniture or teak furniture. This means that there appears to replanting (reforestation) of forest have been felled. Of course we are very far to achieve such control.
There are several agencies and / or organizations working to make the control systems, such as the Forest Stewardship Control (FSC), Rainforest Alliance, TFT and others.

5. Durable and easily repaired
Find or make furniture that strong, so durable and easy to repair when there is damage. More durable furniture that you have and you help reduce consumption of wood production. And strong product can also be passed on to relatives or other associates without having to buy new.

6. Low-Toxic Material
In the furniture industry known for some toxic materials used in each process. The greatest part is the finishing materials. There is a chemical called formaldehyde (Formaldehyde) on finishing materials and this is very dangerous for your health, especially children because they can cause cancer and respiratory disorders. Type of finishing materials including 'more secure' is camphor, NC, Waterbased lacquer and natural oil. Which include hazardous and contains more Formalin example: Melamine, PU (polyurethane), UV lacquer, Lamination paper (Formica).

Other parts of furniture such as wood glue, a multiplex and MDF also contain Formaldehyde but its content is smaller.

7. Natural Fiber
Bamboo does not enter the category tree, but the 'grass'. In particular strength in the construction of bamboo can not be compared directly with the wood, but of aesthetics of bamboo furniture is a product of an exotic and interesting and includes antique furniture.
Or other materials such as rattan, water hyacinth and banana peels.

8. The size of the furniture, small but strong.
Designing furniture with a minimalist type of raw materials and also save enough to help make your products more green. No wood waste materials into solid parts are big and heavy. Even if the design demands for a large pillar, look for ways out of the construction to make it more simple by using fewer materials.

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    Murcia furniture Your tips were nice.I personally feel that we should search for some other materials, for making furniture. Cutting a tree for a piece of furniture , snatches a shelter of hundreds of birds and insects.

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    nice info