Specially Designed for Outdoor Use

Garden Furniture
Garden furniture is always specially designed for the outdoor uses. Also called patio furniture their use is as old as the civilization itself. In fact such patio furniture was in use even in the lost civilization of Pompeii.

Also known as patio furniture, all types of garden furniture is specifically designed for outdoor uses. That is why they are made of weather resistant materials mostly. In fact their uses are as old as the civilization since you can find historical examples that such furniture was used in gardens even in Pompeii.

Patio Set

Garden furniture is often used as patio sets. Usually they will consist of a table, around four or six chairs and also a parasol. If you are thinking what a parasol is then know that it is a special type of umbrella that provides you shade against sunshine and rainfall while you are enjoying the pollution free environment in the garden. Uniqueness of the parasol is that they are fitted through the hole inside the table in the garden.

Other Common Garden Items

Apart from the patio set items other furniture is also used as garden furniture. For instance there are chaise lounges or long chairs, patio heaters, bottled butane that is also known as propane is some of the items commonly used in the garden. Many people also use picnic table that is used for dining while enjoying the environment in the garden.

Modern Garden Items

With the change of time the taste and styles are also changing a lot among the home makers and home owners. That is why today you will find a lot of innovative items included in garden furniture like stones, vinyl, plastic, linoleum, metals, resins, glass, and the treated woods. Each of these items adds glamour and new flavor to the garden decorations. Commonly used patio furniture is plastic, aluminum, wrought iron, wicker, teak, wood, and resin. Advantage with plastic materials is that they are naturally waterproof. Leaving them outdoor year round is possible without any fear of their getting damaged due to moisture and water exposure. The only problem could be formation of dirt due to collection of rain water in the nook and corners of the chairs. This small drawback is more than compensated since the plastic articles are light weight and normally easily portable. Simple soap or detergent wash can also bring back their original shine and d├ęcor.

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