McLaren unconcerned by rain threat

McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh says he is unconcerned by the very real threat of a rain-interrupted Monaco Grand Prix because he says his drivers are good in all conditions.

"I think drivers would rather have a dry Monaco because it is a scary place even without rain," Whitmarsh told the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team phone-in. "But I think our drivers are pretty good in the rain and their performance relative to the awesome performance of Red Bull has been pretty good, so we fancy our chances."

Whitmarsh also thinks McLaren may have an added psychological advantage as the team's drivers have won the last two Monaco Grands Prix between them.

"Monaco is a unique circuit and we have two drivers who are good there. McLaren has won Monaco 15 times, many more than any other team and we are trying to make it 16 whether it is wet or dry or any combination thereof."

Drivers will also have to contend with the significant challenge of starting the race driving a less reactive car on a full fuel load on one of the most uncompromising circuits in the world.

"The first corner at the bottom of the hill on the first lap is always a heart stopping moment for all of us in a Formula One race. It's going to be exciting as the cars will have changed in balance and performance from qualifying to the race. They will have 160 kilos with coldish brakes and tyres so heading into the first corner is going to be very challenging. Really good drivers will manage it and others will find it a little bit beyond their capability." 

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