How to Take Care of accessories made from Bamboo

Raw wood or wood finishing result to be durable. Handicraft wood material easily absorbs water, oil, and even dust. So wood handicrafts, furniture or home accessories, such as statues, picture frames, and decorative bowls, should always receive routine care.
How to protect and care for handmade wooden handicraft that depends conditions: if the timber is still raw (not coated) or wood that has been coated (finishing). To treat both conditions handmade wooden handicrafts different course of treatment. However, how to take care not difficult. You can use cleaning materials or traditional materials from the factory.
Raw Wood
Raw wood is wood that has not been coated with a layer antiair and antiminyak, for example melamine or pelitur.Langkah-step progress:
1. Sand the wood surface (such as miniature wood) until the corners. Movement direction of the fiber sanding wood. When finished, clean the wood surface with brushes.
2. Brush the liquid linseed oil with a brush. Wait several minutes for the liquid soak into the wood / wood miniature said.
3. Use a clean rag to flatten the remaining liquid on the surface of miniature wooden handicrafts. Allow to dry 1-2 hours.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 so that the surface of the closed wooden handicrafts perfect miniature. Well, your wood furniture crafts and so protected from oil, water and other impurities.
Finishing wood with
Step caring for wood that has been coated by melamine coating or polish.
1. Clean wood handicrafts using a clean, dry cloth.
2. Apply the wax on furniture clean cloth. Rub the wood surface of the wood grain, not too pressing, a thin layer only. If you are a lot of carved wood accessories, wax dilute with a little gasoline or turpentine. Use a paint brush to rub it on the details.
3. Let the 15th minute, and repeat step 2 to achieve maximum results.
Wood polishing step
Handicraft wood to be treated is the raw wood and wood that has been finishing. The result, more glossy and layered wood oil. Oil layer prevents water, but its nature temporary. You can do this treatment 1-2 weeks sekali.Caranya:
* Rub the oil on the surface of wood pulp. Rub the wood grain and slightly pressed to the pulp to form granules such as sand.
* Allow approximately 10 minutes and then wash the remaining residue using a clean dry cloth. 

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