How To Easily Fix Foot Garden Chairs

The chair is furniture that is useful in the preparation of your seat as if to feel tired after a whole day activity. In the garden furniture, chairs furniture is one of the multi functions of the form and also the benefits. With good form and also commensurate with the condition of lawn chairs, make the garden will be better in view. From the functions of the chair his garden furniture is the same thing the other chair, for forging a short break and you were able to enjoy the comfort of your garden.

The basic ingredients of the furniture garden chairs teak wood using basic ingredients. Teak wood is natural wood that has been in cover full grain high-quality oil. With the oil that meets the wood makes teak can last a long time and also durable in usage of the garden furniture. So many people choose teak wood as raw material from teak garden furniture.

A garden chairs made from teak wood base when in use every day can cause indonesia furniture chair at any time – can be damaged. So than it would be better if you know how to fix the garden furniture. And you will save more in spending money to pay people to fix your seat.

If your lawn chair leg fractures. Many things you do in repairing the seat. Mode are as follows:

1. Open the bolt adhesive is the chair leg with a screwdriver.
2. Look first see if your lawn chair legs were seriously damaged or only minor damage.
A. minor damage when you can use glue to taped back so looks like the original before experiencing damage.
B. What if severely damaged that are not possible when in use anymore you can replace it with teak wood that you calculated in accordance with the conditions and the size of a broken chair leg earlier.
3. when you are gluing or replace broken chair legs had been with another timber then put back to your original form of the tape with bolts.
4. Once you are back you can repaint the entire part furniture lawn chairs, to make it look like new again.

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